The Best Value Electric Adjustable Bed

Are you searching online for the best value electric adjustable bed for yourself or a loved one? Getting confused by all the marketing spin used to confuse or impress you? Well look no further, here at Sophie we have listened to your feedback and created a definitive breakdown of what you should and shouldn’t be looking for when researching the best value electric adjustable bed for your hard-earned money.

Mattresses for Adjustable Beds

When considering purchasing a new electric adjustable bed, the sleeping surface should be a huge consideration. Some clients are surprised to learn that most mattresses on the market, won’t actually ‘work’ with an electric adjustable base. The simple reason is the bending required. Traditional inner sprung mattresses have a wire running around the diameter, making bending up and down with the electric adjustable base impossible. That is why you will need to focus your attention on “Adjustable Bed Friendly” mattresses.

There are 2 main types of mattresses in this space.

The best value electric adjustable bed
Under the cover of a Memory Foam v Inner Sprung Mattress
  1. Memory Foam Mattresses
  2. Pocket Spring Mattresses

Pocket Spring mattresses, as the name suggests, are built on a foundation of 100’s of pocket springs (depending on the size of mattress and spring used). One main benefit of choosing a pocket spring mattress, according to retailers, is at point of manufacturing they can create different zones, which essentially means, the springs in one zone will be either firmer or less firm than those in another zone. This purportedly increases comfort for the sleeper, by creating less pressure around the hips and shoulders by using ‘less firm’ springs in these zones.

On top of the pocket springs, you will find a variation of foam and quilted fabric that make up the ‘comfort’ layers within the mattress. For the majority of inner sprung mattresses suitable for adjustable bed base use, we have found on the market in Australia today, this layer is generally 1-2 inches (2.5-5cm) in total.

Surprisingly to this author, springs are significantly cheaper than foam. So one of the very attractive features of an adjustable bed with a pocket sprung mattress, is the price point! Retailers will often lure clients in with the incredibly low price of an inner sprung mattress atop a basic electric adjustable bed, only to move you straight towards a better suited, more comfortable and supportive mattress with an adjustable base that has a few more of the ‘bells and whistles’.

The biggest drawback of any spring mattress is the pressure points created throughout the body. You see a spring mattress supports the body by putting pressure back through the body to ‘hold it up’. The simple fact is, if you are investigating an adjustable bed for yourself or a loved one, the chances are, having pressure points on the body when in bed, is probably something you are looking to avoid or indeed move away from. So whilst the price point may be a huge factor if the bed fails to address any of the factors that have you investigating adjustable beds in the first place, it can hardly represent good value, now can it?

Memory foam mattresses have come a long way since the 90s when memory foam made its first debut in the bedding industry. When NASA scientist first invested Viscoelastic Foam (marketed today as ‘Memory Foam’) back in 1966, I am sure they had no idea that 5 decades later it would be considered the Gold Standard in sleeping surfaces. Originally invested to combat Pressure Injuries suffered by astronauts during takeoff, the foam moulds to the body, evenly distributing body weight, which helps to completely eliminate pressure points. In so doing eliminated pressure-related injuries.

When memory foam mattresses first hit the market in the 90s, many people complained about the mattress getting ‘hot’, and therefore moved to other mattress technologies including sprung and latex options. However, in the early 2010s memory foam got an upgrade. By combining the superior comfort and support qualities of memory foam, with a phase-change material like “cool-gel” scientists had created what we know today as the gold standard in sleeping surfaces.

Gel-Infused Memory foam is not discriminatory. Regardless of your weight, injuries or ailments, memory foam uniquely works with your body to help relieve pressure and pain where you need it most. By providing immense support, you can be assured you will have a mattress that ticks all the boxes.

When we consider the definition of value includes “one’s judgement of what is important in life”, if comfort, support and superior levels of pressure-relieving characteristics are important, then its hard to go past a gel-infused memory foam mattress when seeking the best value electric adjustable bed on the market today.

Electric Adjustable Bed Bases

As Harper Lee wrote in his epic tale ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ We know all men are not created equal, and just like men, not all electric adjustable bases are created equal. However, not all features you may find on the market today are necessarily suited to your unique wants and needs. Let’s take a look at the most common features, to help identify what’s truly important to you.

Split Queen Adjustable Bed value for money option
Sophie Split Queen Adjustable Bed inserted into a Bed Frame
  1. Independent Head and Foot elevations – As the name suggests, this feature just means you can lift the head, without the feet moving, and vice versa. In our opinion, this is an absolute MUST, as this will allow you to adjust the bed to a position perfect for you and your sleeping/resting needs.
  2. Whole Body Vibration Massage – Whilst some people may minimise the benefits of this therapeutic massage, as at writing this article there are 984 independent research articles available on Pubmed that focus on the many benefits. The research concludes it will help support improved cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation, assist with joint mobility, mineral bone density, muscle density and may help reduce pain. There is also exciting research around benefits for Parkinson’s sufferers.
  3. Under Bed LED Lighting – Have you ever needed to visit the loo or check on the laundry door in the middle of the night, but don’t want the lamp or bedroom light on? Under Bed LED lighting is perfect to light your way, helping you avoid a nasty trip or fall on your nighttime journey. Whilst, not a must, it certainly is nice to have!
  4. Smart Fabrics – This is an area of massive growth in the bedding industry in the past 5 years, and is set to explode over the coming years. With ‘smart fabrics’ that offer cellular oxygenation, anti-microbial qualities, even anti-odour/staining! It seems that the options grow every week. Be sure to ask if your company is investing in the Research and Development of smart fabrics, or if they’re just selling what they’ve always sold!
  5. Wireless Remote with Smart Inclusions – TV’s have been wireless since the 70s, is there a reason wired remote beds are still sold? We can’t think of any good reasons! Besides the inconvenience, the cables present choking hazards in a bedroom environment, not a great mix! Our research has uncovered there are but a handful of companies that now also offer Apple/Android apps to control your beds, which further the convenience of operating your bed. Memory settings in the remote/app are greatly understated. As humans, we are creatures of habit, so you’ll likely have but a handful of positions you’ll use regularly in your bed. Look for a remote that allows you to save these positions so you can return to your favourite sleeping or reading position, night after night.
  6. After-sales support and servicing – Like any household electrical item, it’s always prudent to assume you may need to call on the retailer or manufacturer at some point to help with an issue that may arise, especially when you consider we spend 1/3 of our life in bed! Our research has uncovered, that in this realm, not all adjustable bed retailers are the same, not by the longest margin. It would appear that many of the retailers will forward any aftersales call to any number of offshore contact centres. There you will have to deal over the phone or via email, to raise your issue. It’s then up to the contact centre to send you the replacement part. It would be your responsibility to have the replacement part fitted. If this sounds like a lot of bothers, then make sure you enquire at point of purchase if something was to pop up, how would you go about having the issue resolved. For our money, local in the home after-sales and support offers the best value for money!

The best value for money option in the adjustable bed industry

Whilst we agree that value is subjective, we hope that based on our research and industry knowledge you find a suitable solution for your needs and budget around the recommendation above. And remember, a cheap bed isn’t cheap when you have to buy it twice. So spending a little time reading above will hopefully help you avoid the many pitfalls of having to buy your bed twice to get the best value for money. Our dedicated team of Adjustable Bed Specialists are here to help. If you’d like a personalised quote to see if we tick all the “The Best Value Electric Adjustable Bed” boxes, pop an enquiry in via our contact page, and someone will reach out either over the phone or via email.

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