About Us

Better Sleep Champions

Sophie was created with one very clear mission in mind, Better Sleep for a Better Price for every Australian.

Having spent countless years in the bedding industry, we saw a unique opportunity to truly improve the sleep health of Australians for a fraction of the cost most were already spending.

At Sophie, we take our mission statement seriously, and since launching our incredibly successful Sophie 3in1 mattress in 2018, we have continued to research and develop cutting edge sleep technologies to further enhance the sleep of Australian’s.

At the end of 2018, Sophie conducted a research and development trip to some of the top sleep engineers on the planet. We discovered a huge shift in the way people are choosing their mattresses or beds.

Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds, formerly exclusively found in hospitals the world over, are making their way into the homes of everyone from elite athletes, daily grinders, tired teenagers and senior Australian’s in numbers never seen before. With cutting edge mattress design & materials, features like whole-body vibration therapy massage, USB charging ports, iPhone and Android App connectivity and under-bed LED lighting all built-in, it was easy to see why people were moving away from traditional inner-sprung flat mattresses towards a more flexible ‘Sleep System’.

With the help of these sleep engineers, the Sophie Adjustable Bed was born. Offering a combination of features and benefits that rival even the most expensive Custom Built European Sleep System, but for a fraction of the investment.

As we continue to develop our range of technologically advanced sleep devices, we hope you’ll come along for the journey, as we continue to strive to deliver Better Sleep for a Better Price for every Australian.

Lift Recliner Chair

Lift Recliner Chairs have gained a lot of attention recently, and the new designs and features available make them a must have, even for the most discerning of clients. With included features such as Whole Body Vibration Therapy, Heat Therapy, One-Touch Stand and Recline, millimeter increments on your corded remote, 3 massage modes with 3 different intensities, 10, 20 and 30 minute therapy session options, USB charging and 2 cup holders, the new range of Sophie Lift Recliner Chairs come in 3 luxurious fabric choices, which will complement your living room and ensure you can activate your Whole Body Vibration Therapy at the touch of a button. 

Whole Body Vibration Therapy has been shown to increase circulation, helps alleviate aches and pains, improves joint mobility and assists in an overall improvement in your sense of wellbeing.

As we further develop our range of therapuetic assistive technologies, we will continue to improve upon our existing product lines, so be sure to check back for further enhancements.


Plush 3-in-1 Pillow

Plush, Medium or Firm pillows? Households have been having these debates for decades, with everybody having a preference when it comes to their nighttime sleep companion. Utilising industry leading sleep engineers, the team at Sophie are proud to bring you the Sophie 3-in-1 Plush pillow. 

With hidden zipper compartments, every Sophie 3-in-1 pillow  comes with the convenience of sleeping Plush, Medium or Firm. A real gamechanger in the sleep technology pillow space. Finally one pillow that can end the debates!