The 6 most common questions when considering purchasing a Split King Adjustable Bed

Don’t let your aching back and joints keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. If you’re looking for more comfort during the night, maybe you’ve seen on TV the benefits of sleeping in the Zero Gravity position, or just need to relax, then an adjustable bed base paired with a comfortable and supportive mattress may be the right choice for you. Split King adjustable beds are becoming popular because they provide extra room (width) for two people while still being able to adjust up and down to accommodate different needs. Over the long term, the Split King adjustable bed offers the additional benefit of splitting into 2 individual single adjustable beds, which can future proof your bedroom furniture requirements.

In this blog post, we will discuss what makes these beds so beneficial as well as how they can help with various ailments including pain, arthritis, fluid retention, sleep issues, alleviating acid reflux, helping to reduce excess muscle activity, and how these types of beds may be able to improve your health. We’ll also look into some frequently asked questions that may help you identify the highest quality adjustable bed base & mattress for your overall health and well-being and of course better sleep.

Split King Adjustable Bed

What are some ailments an adjustable bed can help with and why?

People look to an adjustable bed frame for help with a wide range of ailments including back pain, arthritis and other joint discomforts, fluid retention issues such as edema or lymphedema, acid reflux, poor blood circulation to sleep-related problems like snoring or sleep apnea, or even just to help with pressure relief throughout the body.

An adjustable bed can help with these conditions by providing support for specific body parts such as the spine, knees, hips, shoulders, neck, and head; alleviating fluid retention issues; helping to improve circulation and improving sleep quality, relieving pressure points, and relief from nighttime tossing and turning.

The bed is able to do this because it is fully adjustable, so moving the mattresses into a position that is perfect for your needs is as simple as using a touch-ready remote.

What is the best split king adjustable bed on the market today?

There are two pieces to an adjustable bed, the electric base, and the mattress. When you’re deciding on the best option for you, there are a few things to consider:

-What type of adjustable bed base do you want and what features are most important to you? Okin motors are the industry leaders, are they worth the extra investment? Do you require whole-body vibration massage therapy built-in? Is a wireless remote control with the option to use a smartphone app a must? Programmable positions or memory functions dramatically improve the ease of use, so do you need positions saved like zero gravity, semi-fowler, anti-snore, watching tv, or a position to help reduce snoring? Do you need the flexibility of foot adjustability independent of the full head range of motion to give you almost infinite ergonomic positions?

-Does the mattress have a pressure-causing spring system or does it use luxurious memory foam for superior comfort and support? Will the new mattress be suitable for an adjustable base? Will it help with pressure relief, swollen legs, joint pain, increased circulation, and oxygen flow?

-Do they offer additional features like USB charging ports, various leg heights, mattress corner support bars? What does the delivery cost? What are the delivery times? Do I have the option of using my current split king mattresses or king mattress on their adjustable bases? Do I need to go into the store or can customers shop for adjustable bed bases and mattresses from the comfort of their own home?

The sheets are very easy on a Split King Adjustable bed. First, you have the choice of fitting a mattress protector or electric blanket. You would need 2, one for each side, in the long single (92cm x 203cm) size. Then there are 2 long single fitted sheets required, one on each side. For the top, you will only require 1 x King Size flat sheet. You can then go ahead and layer on your King Size blankets and/or Doonas are required.

If you share your bed with a bit of a blanket hog, you may consider investing in a Super King doona, so there is more to share around!

PGH52500 electric adjustable bed

What is the best way to sleep on King Adjustable Bases?

The best way to sleep is to sleep in a comfortable position for your body and your unique support requirements. This means that it is important for you to be able to raise the lower half where your legs are at different heights so you can find what’s most suitable and, more importantly, relaxing for your body type. Many of our customers will go straight to the Zero Gravity position, and from there you can make tiny head and foot elevations adjustments to find the best sleeping positions for them so they can experience comfort and support all night long.

Now if you’ve chosen one of the adjustable bases that come standard with massage, this can be a great time to get the full value out of your bed base, by setting the massage on. Most adjustable bases that have massage will also have a safety cut-off timer, so the massage function won’t run all night. Starting your nighttime sleeping routine in an adjusted position with the massage on both your head and legs can dramatically improve your sleeping and therefore your overall health and wellbeing. You may even have your mattresses elevated for watching tv, in this position you can still have the massage going to dramatically improve your circulation and help move fluid away from the legs. You may also consider using the massage function with the bed in the Zero Gravity position if you suffer from excess fluid, as this will help to supercharge the removal of all the excess lymph fluid.

Do you need to use a pillow with adjustable beds?

Many people ask in the store if they need a pillow with an adjustable bed and the answer is no and at the same time yes. It all depends on you, and your unique requirements.

Many customers do comment that when switching to a Sophie adjustable bed, their preference of pillow often changes. This is especially true if you are someone who was once a side sleeper and now come to love the Zero Gravity position, as in the position a smaller profile pillow is usually more desirable. So consider not purchasing new pillows until after your split king adjustable bed is installed.

With a split king, you will always have 2 mattresses, one mattress for each side. If you’ve opted for a wireless remote control bed frame, then you will also receive 2 wireless remote controls, one to control each side separately.

As always, feel free to have these questions and more answered on our Sophie Adjustable Bed page, or chat with us live, or pop an enquiry in on our website or our Facebook page.

Sharing a split king adjustable bed

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