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Lift Recliner Chairs In Melbourne

Introducing our elegant new range of lift recliner chairs

If you are hoping to improve your comfort at home while adding to your welfare, there is no better option than a lift recliner chair from Sophie. This type of chair is designed to provide lasting relief for those with chronic pain, limited mobility, and other preventative medical conditions. The good news is that anyone can reap the benefits of our lift recliner chairs! These excellent seats have lifting systems with modern motors that allow you to precisely adjust your placement and angle with the touch of a button.

Whether you need help navigating between sitting and standing or just want to feel complete comfort at exactly the right angles, our range of easy-to-use lift recliner chairs in Melbourne are just what you’ve been looking for. Our many different models include a powered headrest, strong lumbar support, USB charging port, and footrest extension. From relaxing in the right position to enjoying a quick little sleep as if you were in bed, SOPHIE lift recliner chairs are the preferred option when it comes to comfortable and health-conscious seating in Melbourne.


Benefits and Features

When looking for the right lift recliner chairs in Melbourne, you will want to make sure you choose one that has advanced features and benefits to provide great comfort and direct assistance for your needs. In addition to the incomparable comfort and the option to easily adjust your seating and laying angle, there are many other benefits that come as standard with SOPHIE lift recliner chairs. Browse our wide range to find the right style to match your existing interior. Many of our models also include bonus features.


Heat and Massage Therapy

Our chairs include therapeutic heating to add an extra layer of comfort to the already luxurious experience. Just initiate heat with the remote control and watch your niggling aches and pains fade away. To facilitate continued comfort and recovery, the vibration setting promotes healthy circulation, helps with mobility problems, and relieves general aches and pains. 


USB port

A distinctive feature in our range of lift recliner seats is the built-in USB port. There’s no need to worry about leaving your chair to charge your electronic devices, just plug them in where you are sitting and watch them charge while you relax in peace.


Sophie Lift Recliner Chairs in Melbourne


Australia’s leading lift recliner chairs at unbeatable prices.

  •       Premium Body Comfort Support Foam
  •       Unique One Touch Stand/Recline Feature
  •       Luxurious Whole Body Massage Therapy
  •       Therapeutic Heating to Melt Away Aches and Pains
  •       USB Charging Built-in and Battery Backup
  •       2 Built-in Cup Holders and Side Pocket
  •       Industry Sturdiest 6 Floor Point Steel-Frame
  •       3 Amazing Colours to Choose From


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Why Choose A Sophie Recliner Chair?

built in usb charging

USB Charging

highest weight rating in Australia on Adjustable beds

180kg Weight

cool-gel fusiongel and graphene memory foam combine to produce the best theroregulating mattress on the market today


simple click on the remote to operate the electric bed

One Touch Lift
& Recline

Sleep Sophie Difference


Included in every Sophie Lift Recliner Chair is therapeutic seat heating. Simply find your favourite position, activate the heat, and witness your aches, pains and tension melt away from your body. The pleasure inducing benefit of Whole Body Vibration Massage, which has been clinically proven to improve circulation, assist with aches, pains and joint mobility, will surely help whether you are recovering from a sports related injury, or just the daily aches and pains that tend to creep up on us all.

USB Port

Additional features not often found in lift recliner chairs include the convenient USB charge port, located at the top of your wired remote control. With this included, its easy to charge your phone or kindle, whilst you relax away your days tension.

USB Port


Also included is 2 cup holders built in. Whether they’re being used to hold your favourite cup of tea, something with a little more bite, or even the ever elusive TV remote, you’ll find them amazingly convenient.


Whether you’re currently sleeping in your recliner due to injury, you struggle to stand from the couch, or you’re just looking for a sophisticated recliner with a touch of class, you’re assured to find our Sophie range of Lift Recliner Chairs offer everything and more.


Sophie Therapeutic Lift Recliner Chairs

Save On Australia’s Smartest Therapeutic Electric Lift Recliner Chairs

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