Features To Look for When Buying a Lift Recliner Chair

Lift recliner chairs offer a therapeutic way to sit back and recline, whether it’s in the living room in front of the TV or by the fire with a good book. There are a lot of lift recliner chairs out there, but not all are created equal. Sleep Sophie takes a look at the key features you should pay attention to while shopping for lift recliner chairs in Australia.

Electric Lift

First, an electric lift recliner chair is the most efficient option, as it operates on demand to change the chair angle. Whether you want to lean back or sit up straight, an electric lift chair helps you do it easily and safely. For aging Australians, an electric lift chair makes a big difference in the living room or bedroom.

Soft Support Foam

You can’t go wrong with ultra-soft support foam on a lift recliner chair. While these chairs offer more support than your average piece of furniture, they are also meant to be stylish and soft. If the chair is super cosy, then it’s a worthwhile addition to your home.

Therapeutic Massage

Much like an adjustable bed, popular lift recliners offer therapeutic massage to make you feel right at home. Soothe your tired, sore muscles with luxurious whole body massage therapy. People of all ages can appreciate this added benefit of a comfortable reclining chair.

Soothing Heat

Heat can make sore joints and muscles feel better, so a lift recliner chair with therapeutic heating is a great choice. The heating sensations melt aches and pains, making these recliners especially popular with older Australians who need a little bit of extra support. Plus, the combined heat and massage functions are tough to beat in the chilly winter seasons.

USB Charging

Another feature to consider when buying a lift recliner chair is whether USB charging is available. Instead of having to get up and down just to plug in your phone, an integrated USB charging port means you can stay connected while comfortable in your chair.

Backup Battery

In addition to USB charging and therapeutic features, it’s also important to have a safety backup battery. This provides peace of mind that the therapeutic lift recliner chair will always be ready to go, providing unlimited comfort whenever you need a rest. Your lift recliner chair is more likely to last longer with a backup battery, too.

Tech Support

All of these features belong on your list of must-haves when picking out a therapeutic lift recliner. However, it’s also a good idea to choose a brand that offers friendly local technical support to ensure the lift recliner is always working as intended. If you ever have any problems with the chair and its many innovative features, then you know who to call.

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