Features To Look for When Buying an Electric Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds are popular in Australia, thanks to their optimal comfort and support to suit individual sleeping preferences. If you or someone you love is interested in an electric adjustable bed, it helps to know what to look for so you can narrow down the options and find the perfect fit. Here are the top features to put on your list when buying an electric adjustable bed.

Therapeutic Memory Foam

The ideal electric adjustable bed features a soft memory foam mattress for premium comfort. Cool-gel infused dream memory foam is one of the best materials for an adjustable bed, as it helps relieve pressure and soothe aching joints. Getting a good night’s sleep is made much easier with therapeutic memory foam on a high-quality adjustable bed. 

Separate Head & Foot Elevation

One of the key things that separates an adjustable bed from a traditional one is the ability to change the elevation to suit your needs. Independent head and foot elevation gives you greater control over how you sleep and the way your bed makes you feel. You will finally be able to achieve the perfect position to fall asleep, and stay asleep, with innovative elevation features.

Vibration Massage Therapy

The most popular electric adjustable beds in Australia not only adjust to fit your body but also offer massage therapy for amazing relaxation. If you want the luxury of a whole body or targeted vibration massage, while in the comfort of your own bed, then it’s worth investing in a well-known brand for premium sleep solutions.

Position Preferences

With independent elevation and massage features, you can look forward to a better night of rest. The top adjustable beds let you save your favourite positions with multiple memory buttons, so you never have to worry about losing your spot. 

Antimicrobial Material

Throughout your search for the right adjustable bed, make sure to look for antimicrobial material. Bactericidal and anti-odour treated mattresses are a worthwhile investment for cleanliness and comfort as they prevent bacteria growth while also lasting longer.

Safety and Tech Features 

Don’t forget to consider the adjustable bed’s safety features. These can include under-bed LED lighting and backup battery life, for safety and peace of mind. There is also a USB charging station for Apple and a Google SmartApp for automation. With these features, you or your loved one can get in and out of bed safely with appropriate lighting, not to mention convenient charging options to ensure constant comfort and connection. An adjustable bed that combines customised elevation with technically advanced inclusions is the smartest choice for safety and for comfort.

Technical Support

Finally, in addition to all the special features of the best electric adjustable beds, you also want to make sure the brand offers after-sale technical support. Local support services help you get the most use out of your new bed and provide peace of mind that any queries will be resolved as quickly as possible.

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