Do Queen Adjustable Beds fit into bedframes?

Do Queen Adjustable Beds fit into bedframes?

Adjustable beds are becoming more and more popular, but many people don’t know if they will fit into their current bed frame. This is a question that many Adjustable Bed shoppers ask themselves before purchasing one of these amazing beds. Because if it won’t fit, purchasing a new bedframe, and matching furniture can add a lot more costs to the upgrade.

The answer to this common question is often “Yes” with some caveats!

Queen bed fitting into existing bedframe
Sophie Split Queen Adjustable Bed Installed Inside Existing Bedframe

Adjustable Bed Bases

Queen Adjustable Beds often will fit in a standard queen bed frame if the base of the Adjustable Bed is no more than 6 inches (15cm) thick excluding the mattress. The base or sometimes called the frame, of an adjustable bed, is what you’d look at if you removed the mattress. It’s where all the electronics, motors and computer lives. As a general rule, if the base is less than 6 inches thick, it will fit directly into any existing or newly purchased bedframe. This is because there is more space when the head lifts for the base to not get caught on the bedframe.

Adjustable Beds with Adjustable Leg Heights

Adjustable beds typically come with legs as part of their design that raise up and down to adjust the height of your adjustable bed (clearance from the floor to the top of the mattress), but not all Electric Adjustable beds have these as standard, which can impact on their suitability for fitting to existing bedroom furniture. So make sure you check, as the room created by adjusting the space between the floor and top of the electric base can be the difference between a great choice and an unsuitable purchase.

Side view of Sophie Queen Bed installed inside existing bedframe
Side view of Split Queen Adjustable Bed inside existing Bedframe

Be sure you don’t have a Trundle Beds or a King Bed frame

The type of bed frame and its suitability also come into the equation. Trundle beds, which utilize the extra space under the bed with a hidden bed, often a single bed perfect for one person, or queen size bed frames with drawers underneath can also impact the suitability of the bedframe. Obviously, if you have a king bed, double bed, single bed, or anything other than a queen size bed frame currently, it will prove very difficult to fit your new adjustable bed. If you do have the wrong size frame currently, a nifty trick would be to utilize the headboard of the bed frame only. So as to keep the overall aesthetics of your room.

Shop Adjustable Bed Features

For those unaware, an electric adjustable base is a great option that is growing in popularity as people’s understanding of the benefits of deep restorative sleep becomes more and more commonplace. With the flexibility of raising the head end and foot end of the bed to find the perfect position for a good night’s sleep. With added luxury features like the massage feature to assist with health outcomes like improved circulation, reduced pain, joint mobility, and helping you to whisk yourself off into deep sleep sooner. Most luxury Adjustable Beds also come with memory functions to save your preferred position for use each night, Zero Gravity function for undisturbed sleep, USB charging ports, under-bed LED night lights, and many more.

Adjustable Beds – Queen Bed

There is a wide range of varying style options when selecting a queen size adjustable bed in Australia. However, if its suitability to fit your existing Queen bedroom furniture is a major factor in your new bed purchase, it may pay to speak with different brands and ensure you go online and check with their support people. Often they have more knowledge of whether their collection will suit your needs. You can also ensure you get the latest offers and the very best price for your needs. Not all stores offer customers an online support option, so ensure the company you’re dealing with has a good idea about which features and services come standard with each option before you accept delivery. The last thing you need is selecting the wrong range or brand and then being stuck with an adjustable bed that doesn’t suit your purpose.

Side view Sophie Split Queen inside Bedframe

Sleep Sophie Dual Queen bed and Standard Queen bed Options that almost always fit your exisitng bed frames

If you’re reading our post because you want to fit your new Queen size adjustable bed into your existing bed frame, then you’ve come to the specialists. At Sophie, our beds have been specifically engineered to slip seamlessly into all sorts of bed frames. With most sizes, including our Queen option, you will need to have the mattress slats removed. Our trained delivery and installation technicians can do this for you, or, if you’re feeling handy, you can simply remove them yourself. Be sure to reach out to our office or visit our website to chat with our amazing support people online, as they can not only confirm Sleep Sophie bedding and queen bed size adjustable beds are a great option that will suit, they can also give you some tips on the most commonly asked customer questions about our range of Beds, Lift Recliner Chairs, Pillows, Bedding, Sheets. If your search is specific to any sale-related information, including which brands, collection, and what furniture might be included, you can enquire to make sure the Sophie is the right mattress for undisturbed sleep, as you would know, not all new mattresses are created equal. Our advanced range includes new mattress technology that can suit the needs of the person sleeping in it, regardless of their unique health and sleep needs. If you’ve ever searched for adjustable mattresses, then you need to add an adjustable base to that search, as your night’s sleep is counting on it!

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