Choosing the Right Bed Size: A Comprehensive Guide for a Restful Night’s Sleep in Australia

Selecting the right bed size is crucial for achieving a restful and comfortable sleep experience. In Australia, standard bed sizes differ from those in other parts of the world. Understanding the dimensions and advantages of each bed size will help you make an informed decision that caters to your individual needs and space requirements. In this blog post, we will guide you through the world of Australian bed sizes, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your sleep sanctuary.

Long Single or Adult Single Adjustable Bed Icon
Long Single

Long Single Size Bed (92cm x 203cm):

Ideal for smaller bedrooms, guest rooms, or individuals with limited space, Long single size beds are the best value choice for a single sleeper. They provide ample room for one person to sleep comfortably while leaving space for other bedroom essentials.

King Single Adjustable Bed Icon
King Single

King Single Size Bed (107cm x 203cm):

A full 15cm (half a foot) wider than a single bed, the king single size bed is our most popular option for individuals that sleep alone, may end up in a retirment village someday, or those who desire extra space. It offers a more generous sleep surface while still being suitable for smaller rooms.

Double Adjustable Bed Icon

Double Size Bed (138cm x 188cm):

Also known as a 3/4 bed, a double size bed provides more width compared to a single bed, making it a suitable choice for solo sleepers who prefer additional space or couples with limited bedroom space. It offers a cozy and comfortable sleep surface without overwhelming smaller rooms. It is also the shortest of all the beds at 188cm. All other Adult beds in Australia measure 203cm long.

Queen Adjustable Bed Icon
Standard Queen
Split Queen Adjustable Bed Icon
Split Queen

Queen Size Bed (154cm x 203cm):

The queen size bed is one of the most popular choices in Australia. Offering ample space for couples or individuals who enjoy extra room while sleeping, it provides a comfortable sleep surface without overpowering smaller bedrooms. Queen size beds are versatile and offer the choice of either a single queen mattress or the very popular split/dual queen, which comes with 2 mattresses and 2 remotes so you and your partner can sleep in your individual perfect position.

Split King Adjustable Bed Icon
Standard King
Split King Electric Adjustable Bed Icon
Split King

King Size Bed (184cm x 203cm):

For those who prioritize ample sleeping space, a king size bed is the ultimate choice. With its generous dimensions, it offers plenty of room for couples to spread out comfortably. King size beds provide a luxurious sleep experience, particularly in larger master bedrooms. You can select from either the Split King (2 mattresses and 2 remotes) or the Full King (1 mattress and 1 remote) adjustable bed

Cali King Adjustable Bed Icon
Split California King

Cali King Size Bed (214cm x 203cm)

The largest option in the electric adjustable bed range, this monster King bed is actually wider than it is long, providing unparrelled space and comfort for those lucky enough to have the space to accomodate such a premium sleeping space. Traditionally available in just the Split Cali King option, that comes with 2 wireless remotes for individual sleeping comfort.

Couple laying on Split Queen Sophie Adjustable Bed

Choosing the right bed size is essential for a restful night’s sleep and creating a harmonious bedroom environment. In Australia, standard bed sizes differ from those in other regions, so it’s important to consider the specific dimensions when making your decision. Whether you need a single bed, a king single for extra room, a double bed for cozy comfort, a queen for couples, or a king for a spacious sleep surface, understanding the dimensions and considering your personal preferences and space constraints will guide you towards the perfect fit.

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