Pillow Perfection: Choosing the Ideal Pillow for Sleeping in an Adjustable Bed

The Sophie Pillow ontop of the sophie adjustable bed

Sleeping in an adjustable bed offers a world of comfort and customization, allowing you to find the perfect position for a restful night’s sleep. However, to truly optimize your sleep experience in an adjustable bed, it’s essential to choose the right pillow. A pillow that complements the unique features and adjustments of your adjustable bed […]

How Often Should You Replace Your Pillow?

Adjustable bed with pillows

It can be easy to let your pillows slip into the back of your mind and the bottom of your to-do list, but take some time to think about where you’re resting your head each night, and consider how often you should replace your pillow.  So how often should you replace your pillow? This can […]