What are the key benefits of a lift recliner chair?

Lift recliner chairs are in high demand all around Australia, thanks to their supreme comfort and unbeatable relaxation effects. These chairs have a powered lifting mechanism that pushes the chair up and back for easy reclining and optimal stretching. Whether you or a loved one is looking into a lift recliner chair, it helps to know all the key benefits of these popular furniture pieces. Here, Sleep Sophie discusses what you should know about the best lift recliner chair on the market today.

Supports Independence

One of the biggest benefits of lift recliner chairs is how they provide mobility independence for aging Australians or those with health issues. While moving from a seated to standing position can be tough at times, a recliner chair supports these movements and minimises the chance of an accident. This helps seniors and those in need enjoy peace of mind, with furniture that makes sense for their lifestyle.

Soothes Inflammation

Like adjustable beds, lift recliner chairs are great at soothing aching joints and muscles. Back pain, arthritis, and other sources of inflammation can be managed with comfortable memory foam furniture that supports every part of the body and helps you get adequate rest for muscle recovery. The best recliner chairs feature whole-body massage therapy for even greater relaxation.

User-Friendly Operation

Another benefit of lift recliner chairs is how easy they are to use. While other pieces of furniture may be very heavy and difficult to move, recliner chairs have built-in recline controls, so you can adjust the elevation quickly and easily. The innovative controls are better for both users and their loved ones who don’t have to worry so much about lifting to get in and out of the chair.

Reduces Edema

Edema is a health condition associated with aging, where watery fluid builds up in bodily tissues, leading to swelling in the legs. While this swelling can be uncomfortable, a lift recliner chair makes a difference by keeping the feet and ankles elevated as much as possible. A recliner chair certainly has the advantage over a standard chair, as you can change the position as often as you’d like to promote healthy circulation and blood flow.

Minimises Bed Sores

Finally, the most popular lift recliners help people stay strong and healthy in many ways, including a lower risk of bed sores or pressure ulcers. These skin and tissue injuries are caused by prolonged pressure, which may occur when people spend most of their day in bed or a chair. Those with limited mobility are more likely to have bed sores, but a lift recliner chair helps prevent this condition by encouraging easier movement. With these chairs, many people can get up and down safely with the right level of support.

Enjoy Enhanced Comfort With a Quality Lift Recliner Chair

You deserve the ultimate rest and relaxation with an innovative lift recliner chair that’s ultra-comfortable and easy to use. Learn more about Australia’s best lift recliner chair products from Sleep Sophie today.

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