Looking For An Adjustable
Bed In Melbourne?

Adjustable Beds In Melbourne

If you are looking for a good night’s sleep, look no further, as an electric adjustable bed is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

Are you looking for a luxurious and affordable Adjustable Bed in Melbourne?

If you want the best products on the market, Sophie’s range of adjustable beds is widely known. Sleeping on the electric therapeutic bed we sell may bring health benefits you’re not even aware of yet. It’s important to note, health and wellness benefits do vary from person to person. However, they all provide unique solutions to ailments that effect our daily life. Whether it is difficulty falling asleep or getting and staying asleep at night due to stiffness, aches and pains, or a need to improve sleep levels due to respiratory discomfort, reflux, or back or shoulder pain, a therapeutic adjustable bed may be able to help you.

Our range of adjustable beds ranges in size from:

  • Split California King 2 x (107cm x 203cm)
  • Dual King or Split King 2 x (92cm x 203cm)
  • King (184cm x 203cm)
  • Dual Queen or Split Queen 2 x (77cm x 203cm)
  • Queen (154cm x 203cm)
  • Double (137cm x 187cm)
  • King Single (107cm x 203cm)
  • Long Single (92cm x 203cm)

Our highly sought after luxury beds have been specially designed in Australia to meet and exceed the expectations of every Australian. Whether you are one of our beloved older Australian’s or a weekend warrior, sleep is known as one of the three cornerstones of good health and well-being. Using the Sophie adjustable bed can improve your sleep and ensure that you spend the most time in the fourth stage of sleep, REM. The body performs many restorative processes that have been proven to maintain optimal health and well-being.

The Sophie adjustable bed has excellent comfort, quality and luxury, which are not found in many competitive adjustable beds in Melbourne. Equipped with an upholstered bed frame that can withstand usually painful tibia impacts at night, our carefully selected high-quality fabrics can perfectly match any room style.

Based on the principles of comfort and fashion, the Sophie adjustable bed has a sturdy, highly stable 6-leg design. During installation, the height of the electric adjustable base can be adjusted from the ground to the top of the mattress up to 65 cm high, and the ground to the top of the mattress at 47.5 cm. This practical and user-friendly bed stands out with a fantastic rated weight capacity of 320 kg per bed.

The Sophie adjustable bed strikes a perfect balance between function, luxury and comfort without smashing your budget. With a press the button you’ll activate one of the four luxurious massage modes with three intensities to choose from. The built-in whole body vibration massage function, will bring you a feeling of extreme relaxation. Whether you use the massage to fall asleep peacefully or help you fall asleep again after waking up in the middle of the night, you will love this built-in feature, which can automatically turn off the massage function after 10 minutes of treatment. Whole-body vibration therapy is a therapy used by a wide range of professional medical professionals. It can help improve cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation, improve joint mobility, and is even used to treat and relieve pain. With Sophie’s series of adjustable therapeutic beds, you can lay down or sit up to receive these therapies from the comfort and convenience of your bedroom.

Our Sophie adjustable bed has been carefully designed so that it can be installed easily and quickly no matter where you are. Our bed can be transported directly from our warehouse to your door. Our well-trained installers can complete your “Silver Service” installation as required, or one of our network installers can install it quickly for you. Transporting the bed to your door in time, these options make Sophie a remote installation expert, while still providing a the highest level of customer service to all our customers.

Therefore, whether you live in the Melbourne Metro, Melbourne Central Business District, Melbourne’s northern, eastern, southern or western suburbs, or not at all in Melbourne, we provide you with affordable solutions. Don’t forget we offer Single beds, King Single beds, Double beds, Queen and Split Queen beds, King and Split King beds and even the massive Split California King bed. We’re sure to have the perfect local to Melbourne electric adjustable bed for you!

Rest and full recovery

Our advanced memory foam technology, combined with an electric adjustable bed’s flexibility, can help reduce pressure on the hips, back, shoulders, and joints, thereby creating ideal conditions for optimal rest and rejuvenation.

Advanced three-layer mattress

Whether you are lying on your back, sitting or sleeping on your side, our Cool-Gel immersion dream foam can perfectly combine comfort and therapeutic support.

Whole-body vibration therapy

Every night, enjoy a relaxing and refreshing massage to relax and fall asleep. Choose from 4 massage modes and three massage intensities to enhance circulation and sleep quality.

Fully adjustable electric bed

With independent head and foot elevations, find the best position overnight. Use our three preset locations, or find and save your favourite location via the two personal memory storage buttons on the convenient wireless remote control. Melbourne adjustable bed

Suppose you consider investing in your health by exploring the many benefits of therapeutic adjustable beds, nothing more. Sophie adjustable bed has provided the highest quality therapeutic sleep system services for people in the high Melbourne area for some time. We are proud to boast that we provide the most comfortable and feature-rich adjustable bed with a first-class installation, which exceeds our customers expectations. Expect the best with Sophie, the best beds on the market today.

Backed by one of the industry’s most comprehensive guarantees, there are no nasty clauses that free our competitors from the backing of their sales. When you buy from us, be assured that you are dealing with an adjustable bed company that is Australian-owned. We care about your product experience and you.

Whether you want to sleep better, repair faster, improve mobility or reduce the pain and aches that you have, then you can purchase one of our adjustable sleep systems in Melbourne, which can help you have the best night sleep you could ever ask for.

So, what are you waiting for? Why not pop in your details below, or contact us by phone to learn about the affordable Sophie adjustable beds in Melbourne and how they can change your life!

Still not convinced? Do you want to do more research? Visit our adjustable bed product page by clicking the link below and find that our adjustable bed is truly fantastic!

Why Choose A Sophie Adjustable Bed?

settings available on best adjustable bed

Fully Adjustable
Electric Beds

highest weight rating of any electric adjustable bed

320kg Weight

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Advanced Tri-Layer

massage to help sleep better

Whole Body
Massage Therapy

Available Sizes

Sleep Sophie Difference

Aussie Owned
& Operated

Our luxurious and highly sought after beds were specifically designed locally in Australia to exceed the expectations that everyday Australians hold. Whether you are looking to address one or many ailments, looking to improve your sleep quality or you are a less able person, sleep is always going to be one of the 3 cornerstone factors of good health and wellbeing. Give your sleep an upgrade with a Sophie Adjustable Bed. This can help ensure that you maximise time spent in the fourth stage of sleep REM. REM is where the body performs a lot of the repair processes now proven to maintain not only great health, but a general sense of wellbeing.


The Sophie Adjustable Bed offers only the best in luxury, quality and most importantly comfort not found in many of the other adjustable beds available in Melbourne. Our beds offer a padded base surround to make night-time shin impacts non-existent and are finished with our luxury upholstery specifically selected to fulfil any room styling needs.



Designed with the principles of comfort, style and practicality, the Sophie Adjustable Bed has a solid & stable 6 leg design. The legs are able to be adjusted in height from 65cm all the way down to 47.5cm from floor to ground at the point of installation. Our user-friendly and practical bed has an impressive weight rating of 320kg per bed. If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to ask our team.


The Sophie Adjustable Bed is hailed as the pinnacle of the perfect balance between functionality, comfort and luxury without having to blow the budget with retail expenses. In an easy press of a button, you will be swept away to extreme degrees of relaxation with our Whole Body Massage functionality complete with 4 mode, 3 intensity inbuilt. This feature is perfect for those who are wanting to peacefully fall asleep, or require assistance after those middle of the night wake ups. You will love the automatic inbuilt time which turns off the massage function after 10 minutes of useful therapy. Full-body vibration therapy is a technique used by an assortment of allied health professionals to aid in circulation, both lymphatic and cardiovascular, improving joint mobility and even assisting with body aches and pains. With Sophie’s selection of therapeutic adjustable beds, you can choose to lay down, or sit up and enjoy these therapies from the convenience of your bedroom.


Whole Body

Our Sophie Adjustable Beds have been strictly engineered to allow for quick and convenient installation for our customers. Regardless of where you live, our beds can be transported directly from our warehouse to your door and our trained installers complete your ‘Silver Service’ installation, or we can have one of our network installers bring the bed to your door at the point of installation, depending on where you live, availability etc. These options make Sophie a remote installation specialist, whilst still being able to offer superior levels of customer service to our metropolitan clientele.

So whether you are living in Greater Melbourne, Geelong, Grampians, Barwon South West, Gippsland, Hume or Laddon Mallee, we have a solution for you whilst staying affordable. We offer Long Single, Adult Single, King Single, Double, Split Queen, Full Queen, Split King, Full King and Cali King options, we’re sure to have the perfect fit for your next bedroom investment.

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