The Effects Of Blue Light On Your Sleep Health

It wasn’t that long ago that mankind slept when their bodies told them to, and with only the sun and perhaps their small evening campfires providing light, their body clocks, also known as circadian rhythms, worked largely in conjunction with the day-night cycle. Fast forward to the 21st Century and our customary eight-hour workdays leave […]

What To Eat Before Bed, And What to Avoid, For A Better Night Sleep

So where do you start when looking for what to eat or drink before bed. We looked and there is so much noise out there about what type of tea or hot beverage works best to get you to the land of nod as quickly as possible. But when we sat down with Psychological Research […]

What To Do If You Can’t Fall Asleep?

You’ve probably stumbled across our post because it’s between 1 am-5 am and you can’t sleep. This isn’t the first time this has happened either. Try as you might, falling back asleep has proven to be tonight’s ‘mission impossible’. You may find some solace in knowing that everyone has been in the exact same position […]

Don’t Buy the Spin – 6 Mattress Industry Myths Uncovered

Buying a new mattress can be like navigating health insurance. Jumping online and comparing different features and benefits, that to the industry outsider can appear to be crucial. These days with so many companies vying for your mattress business with marketing terms like Inner Spring, Pocket Spring, No Spring, Latex, Memory Foam, Euro-Top & Pillow Top. […]

How Often Should You Replace Your Pillow?

It can be easy to let your pillows slip into the back of your mind and the bottom of your to-do list, but take some time to think about where you’re resting your head each night, and consider how often you should replace your pillow.  So how often should you replace your pillow? This can […]

The Best Value Electric Adjustable Bed

Are you searching online for the best value electric adjustable bed for yourself or a loved one? Getting confused by all the marketing spin used to confuse or impress you? Well look no further, here at Sophie we have listened to your feedback and created a definitive breakdown of what you should and shouldn’t be […]

Can an adjustable bed help to improve your circulation?

It is a well-known fact that adjustable beds can provide superior comfort and support while you sleep. But did you know that they may also help both your cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation? There are many benefits to getting an adjustable bed, but circulation issues, including diabetic foot, excessive oedema, swollen feet, and reduced blood flow […]

Are Adjustable Beds good for Back Pain?

What is the best solution for upper body and lower back pain? When it comes to searching for a new bed, many people are looking for the one that will not just give them the best night’s sleep, but also will support their entire body to help support back pain relief. With so much to […]